Werewolf: Exalted of Gaia

Ch 1: Right of Passage

Gather round young cubs as I regale the tale of the pack prophesized to save our world…

Our story begins with a grand concolation of the 16 great Garou tribes to be held at the Three Rivers Sept. This gathering of the nations, while already a rare thing, had everyone kin and wolf alike on edge because it signaled the end of the nations two year hiatus on Rites of Passage ceremonies.

As packs were being formed, our 5 heroes would meet for the first time:
Graham MacTavish
Mushtak Ameen
and Vandra Krigsdottir

These 5 cubs were called before the council of elders and were told that to pass into adulthood they must embark on a journey to the tomb of Kasim Everflame and retrieve his war codex and the “Ever Flame”

Traveling by moonbridge to parts unknown they arrived at a town said to be founded by Everflame long ago to prepare for exploration of his tomb.

After coming across the remains of a human body by a lake they arrived at the entrance to Everflames tomb to find it open with the slaughtered remains of horses left behind….

(continued later)


Zephier Mario_LMSCAA

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