Bølli Stonegrinder

Fenrir Elder


Having attained his position of power as chief of the tribe in a rare time of peace, many grumble that he hasn’t been properly proven as a leader. However, his strength and combat prowess is blatant, keeping him in his position.

Some of the more spiritually-inclined werewolves say that he has the blood of Fenris himself within him.

He typically fights with a massive Jarlhammer, though is just as wont to use his claws and teeth in combat against other Garou, finding being within arm’s reach with a Garou opponent more honorable.

He is unusually large, even for a Get of Fenris (or any Garou) and towers above most, giving a very commanding presence.

He’s a blunt man, and often quite humorless and cold. He always challenges his opponents to bloody brawls if they speak negatively of him, and as such his dissidents tend to stay secretive.

He almost always, no matter what, wears a large fur cloak of a great beast. Some dissidents speculate this is because he is secretly deformed, and uses the hide as concealment. There has been no confirmation or evidence, however.

Bølli Stonegrinder

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