Sabra "Inscrutable Cloud"

Children of Gaia tribal elder


It is known that it is impossible to raise a hand in anger in the presence of Inscrutable Cloud.

It is known that Inscrutable Cloud is said to commune directly with Unicorn; using the wisdom gained thus to direct the assignments of tribe members.

It is known that Inscrutable Cloud’s mate has not been seen in a decade – suitors from both human and lupine kin have begun paying court.

It is known that before her ascension to leadership, Sabra chafed under the strictures of tradition – spending more time crusading to free the Realm of corrupting spirits than learning the tenets of the litany.

It is known that Sab is a welcome guest in all human kingdoms within the Children’s demesne…and most courts of the other tribes wards.

Sabra "Inscrutable Cloud"

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